Global Research Consultants
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Your Information Is Valuable

As the tumultuous economy takes its toll on the marketplace, and more corporate giants fail due to “group think on Wall Street,” savvy companies are looking for new sources of information that are unbiased, unabashed, and brutally honest to aid them in making huge capital investment decisions.

Especially as the world economy perpetuates toward globalization, these companies need expert, ground level advice from people who know the culture, understand the politics, and who are educated and intelligent enough to grasp the comprehensive socioeconomic picture in their country.

This is where you enter the picture. Global Research Consultants, LLC (GRC) is a boutique information brokerage that recognizes the untapped talent pool of expatriates studying or teaching here in the United States. As educated, high achieving individuals, you understand your country and culture better than anyone else, and since you are not employed by a conventional “think tank” that can succumb to the pressure of providing pre-validated information to drive a particular viewpoint, the information you provide is truly valuable because it is raw and unbiased.

The information and analysis you provide will be matched with other information resources to form a final product that will ultimately be provided to our corporate clients and used in their strategic decision making process; specifically in regards to advertising, capital investment and business expansion.