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About Us


In 2007, while the founder of GRC was working as a consultant in the Gas and Oil Industry in Houston, Texas, he noted the intense demand for unbiased analysis by senior executives in the multinational corporations he consulted. He later saw the same demand amongst executives in a different global industry, and came to the conclusion that the demand for information was universal regardless of the industry. Upon further interaction with other corporate executives, the founder discovered that frustration with “industry standard” answers from private firms was commonplace. Any leader understands that in order to drive strategic decisions, you must have unbiased information, even if it is not considered “good news” that management wants to hear.

After exhaustive research, GRC’s founder found that consulting firms and “think tanks” often provide biased information out of habit in order to secure future business contracts with the companies that hire them. Who can blame them for doing so? There is a reason the term “Don’t kill the messenger” was coined. Interestingly, it is the truly unbiased information and analysis that the executive management yearns for, but don’t typically receive.

Niche Business Concept

After brainstorming how to overcome this obstacle, a niche business concept was born. The United States is full of extraordinarily gifted people who understand our corporate client’s potential markets the best…right here within our colleges and universities! Although the concept has been in development for several years, countless hours have been devoted to developing relationships with large corporate clients across the country and selling the concept of this type of information procurement and analysis. Thanks to a very successful and tireless marketing team, the stage is set to launch this innovative concept. We are now looking to hire, on a contract basis, the educated and educators who hail from our client’s target marketplaces.

GRC is a venture capital funded corporation founded in 2010 in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Atlanta was chosen for its favorable business climate, and because of its notoriety as a hub for numerous Fortune 500 companies who operate internationally.