Global Research Consultants
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How it Works

Numerous contracts have been established with corporate clients nationwide who have provided GRC with information requirements that will be generalized and delivered to individual contractors (you) for analysis and completion. Our corporate clients remain anonymous to preserve the integrity of their contemplated business ventures.

The Process

Application and Matching with Assignments

The process starts with you, the potential contractor, completing the basic questionnaire located under this website’s Application section. Once your questionnaire is submitted, your information will be maintained in a database and matched with possible assignments we receive from our corporate partners. If you are deemed a possible contributor, you will be contacted on email by a GRC representative requesting your interest level of the particular assignment.

Completion of Assignments and Compensation

If you respond positively, you will be hired on an individual contract basis to complete the assignment that will help answer the information requirements entrusted to GRC. In the contracting process prior to the assignment issuance, a fee will be established based upon several gradient factors, including the complexity of the assignment and the level of your expertise regarding the topic based upon your education, experience, and background.

Once you complete the assignment your submission will be reviewed by our quality control committee to ensure it has been completed in a satisfactory manner. You will then be paid the contracted fee, and possibly a bonus if completed in an exemplary manner.

Based upon your background and the needs of GRC, the opportunity to complete multiple assignments may exist. Due to the dynamic nature of the global business environment, new information requirements are continually being submitted to GRC by our corporate clients. If you believe you fit the profile and have the knowledge to help leverage strategic business decisions, we encourage you to submit your information today!

Future Assignments

Our executive team will review your information soon after receipt, and you may be contacted by GRC immediately for consideration of contract work. If your skills and expertise are not immediately needed, your information will be retained in our secure database and continually matched against our corporate client’s information needs.

By submitting your information, you are under no obligation to accept future contract work offered by GRC. If you choose to pass on one offer from GRC, you will be considered for other opportunities as they are presented to our firm.

At any time you choose to no longer be considered for opportunities through GRC, simply contact us and you will be promptly removed from our database.